We are striving for a world where ...

Climate action is within everyone's fingertips. We believe that every person can create enduring positive collective action. Let's create a community where we embrace giving as a way of living.

Our core beliefs

Profit the world

Carbon offsets is the first step but we won't stop there. We'll strive to make solutions that will enable us to take much wider climate action.

Democratize climate action

We believe in the power of community. That's why we are committed to make it accesible for all of us to partake in climate action.

Be honest and transparent

No hidden fees. Full transparency in our business model. We'll just take what we need in order to keep operating and growing Jules.

Support projects and technologies you believe in

Meet the team

A global team for a global problem

Assad Aboultaif


Jorge Martinez

Software Engineer

Eduardo Enriquez

Software Engineer

Damian Ricobelli

Software Engineer

Alfonso IraĆ­